At Big Sunday there are opportunities for every passion, talent, skill and age. Projects are scheduled throughout the year and across our Big Sunday Weekend, and can last anywhere from one hour to a full day. These projects range from handyman jobs at local not-for-profits, yard clean ups, visiting the elderly in nursing homes, assisting local animal shelters to providing social inclusion opportunities for various people groups. Wherever there is a need there is an opportunity.

Upcoming Projects

Big Sunday 3 on 3 basketball Competition

Get involved and help out on our very first 3 on 3 community basketball competition. Cook a BBQ, help run a stall and more.

Big Sunday Out, Adelaide

A day of celebrating our volunteers

Clean Birthing kits, Gilberton

Medical supplies donation drive

Corporate Orphan, Gilberton

Medical supplies donation drive

Food Drive, Gilberton

Help feed 20 families – donation drive

Kids Fun Run, Adelaide

Where kids aged between 5 and 12 will complete in the ultimate obstacle course to help raise well deserved funds for Team Kids

Marion Skate Park, Concrete Sessions

Held at the Marion Skate Park and in partnership with Light House Youth Projects and Marion Skate Park.

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